Operation Pro-Choice-OUR FEATURED PRO-LIFE Tee

This Pro-Life T-shirt helps pro-choicers realize the truth about their "choice" and though it is true we do have "the choice" because God gave us a free will, WE NEVER HAVE THE RIGHT or FREEDOM to kill someone. Help spread the truth about "Pro-Choice" being "The Deadliest War"! It is also compassionate towards the parents of so-called "choice" as seen in the message on back:  "Offer Hope & Healing". http://hopeafterabortion.com/  

PLEASE NOTE: The 1st photo on the bottom is the FRONT, 2nd is the BACK of tee;

COLOR not to scale, it is a medium shade of Military Green

Operation Pro-Choice-OUR FEATURED PRO-LIFE Tee
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