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Raymond de Souza, KM is Brazilian by birth, Catholic by grace and American by choice. He is the Special Missions Coordinator for Human Life International and regularly travels to countries in all continents refuting the culture of death and promoting the Gospel of Life.  Raymond has hosted three Apologetic series on EWTN.  He speaks with profound knowledge on a wide variety of topics from pro-life to defending the faith to developing a deeper relationship with Christ.  He is an outstanding speaker who will enlighten and inspire your audience.

In the last quarter century, Raymond has distinguished himself as an international lay Catholic Apologist – broadcaster – Pro-Life activist – Catholic Action militant, addressing audiences in five continents to "re-evangelize the baptized".  Within the ranks of today's Catholic Apologists, there are some who defend the Faith in more than one language.  Raymond defends it in four: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Raymond puts Logic at the service of the Faith, blending wit, history and humor in a unique and riveting style.   A speaker of international renown, Raymond has given more than 2,500 talks on Catholic apologetics, Pro-Life and related topics in person, on radio and television.  His work has assisted religious education programs at parishes, schools, and lay organizations in Brazil, Canada, the United States, South Africa, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Singapore, Great Britain and Austria.

Recently, he has also addressed Catholic audiences in Portugal, Tanzania and Mozambique.  In a four DVD set comprising a series of 13 presentations made at the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), Raymond investigates the problem of choosing between good and evil, and illustrates his addresses with a vast array of concrete examples. The role of the State, society, the individual and the Bible are clearly analyzed in the light of Logic, Natural Law and the Magisterium of the Church;  A MUST for parents, teachers and youth leaders.  In his second series on EWTN he takes the Gospels as historical documents to investigate the Divinity of Jesus Christ to refute secularism, agnosticism and Islam. A unique study for anyone interested in evangelization in a secular society such as ours.

In 2002 Raymond was the recipient of the pro-life Award 'Initiatives for Life" granted by the London-based International Alliance of Catholic Knights, in recognition of his many initiatives in defense of the Right to Life in various countries. In the photo by the Perth Cathedral door, Archbishop Barry Hickey presented this special Award to Raymond.

Raymond de Souza is available to speak at Pro-Life, Evangelization, Apologetics, and Men's Conferences as well as parishes and retreats anywhere in the United States and abroad.  


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This is My Body; Real or Symbolic (7 min clip):

Interview w/ Marcus Grodi from EWTN 25th anniversary (5 min clip):

Speaking & EWTN Interview, Canada March for Life 2014 (7 min clip):

FOR MORE INFO AND VIDEOS, PLEASE VISIT: http://www.raymonddesouza.com/

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Raymond de Souza
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